by Sylvalyn Hammond, DVM Every morning, Mrs. Henderson would walk her 7-month old Border Collie pup, Scout, for one mile around the neighborhood. Scout, true to his Collie nature, was always vibrant, eager, and playful on his morning walks. He [...]

2022-09-07T20:30:55-04:00March 9th, 2022|Health|Comments Off on UNDERSTANDING FEAR PERIODS IN DOGS

5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

By Katie Finlay, from the AKC website When it comes to keeping our dogs healthy, many owners overlook the importance of oral hygiene. According to the American Veterinary Dental College, it’s estimated that the majority of [...]

2019-04-04T07:26:50-04:00March 8th, 2019|Health|Comments Off on 5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

Winter Care for Canines

By AKC Staff Winter's cold air brings many concerns for responsible dog owners. Keep the following precautions in mind: Don't leave your dog outside in the cold for long periods of time. Wind chill makes days colder than actual temperature [...]

2019-03-29T07:28:54-04:00March 8th, 2019|Health|Comments Off on Winter Care for Canines


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