Annual Goals for the Woodstock Dog Club

#1 Members
Increase outreach/participation

  • Create a new member welcome kit. We can include a club hat or some other brand focused item as well as AKC material and resource links. It would also be helpful to identify someone as a new member liaison who can help lead them through their first membership year.
  • Send the membership a list of our members with phone #, email, breed and involvement-show how to find that info on the website
  • More use of the website and a tutorial for members on how to use it (Club meeting?)
  • Continue to develop meeting programs as well as club information trainings like the Breeding program.
  • More in person meetings with programs
  • Social club meetings so people can connect and get to know each other Sending out "did you know.." emails to inform members of what is available on the website, what is new or what is happening that may impact the ownership of dogs in NH/VT
  • Investigate regional merchants who would give discounts to members
  • Find a way to let members know who is attending performance and conformation events

#2 Regional AKC Clubs
Establish working relationships with area clubs

  • Create a regional collaboration with other dog clubs in VT and NH. Put on shared events that take a large amount of energy to get off the ground. Green Mountain keeps putting on FASTCAT matches, lets help put on a real one. What about the Lakes Region and Carroll County? They are probably facing the same problems we are. Could we have a potluck meal this spring to get together and start talking?
  • Introduce the rules and programs around performance events in order to include more and younger folks who may only want to have their pets play. CGC, Trick dog, FASTCAT, scent work, dock diving, barn hunt, agility.... Be more positive about other organizations which also have the best interests of dogs at heart. Folks who have success at CPE, or in other venues, may look to AKC once they feel more comfortable. Increase visibility with clinics and classes on the Lebanon green, (e.g.)..... Disc dog clinic on the Dartmouth Green, or the Lyme Common? The folks we want to engage also work and have kids, so we need times and venues that are easy to get to

Here is a link to a PDF version if you wish to download a copy of the Goals: Woodstock Dog Club Goals - 2024